This afternoon, the Carolina Peace Center held a Panel on the Muslim Travel Ban and anti-immigrant policies which included DACA recipients. Community faith leaders, legal counsels and political leaders shared and shed light on policies as well as that of people they know who have been affected. Individuals and their families who have been impacted from these draconian policies spoke heart quenching stories of how their lives and their loved ones’ lives have been dented and the emotional trauma they encounter on a daily basis.

The discussion was deeply personal and equally heartbreaking. Attendees also heard about the challenges that are faced by those who are trying to help these communities that are under fire yet are being met with one obstacle after the next. Each of the speakers shared their own wishes for an inclusive society and ways that the rest of us might go about achieving it.

At the end, there was a meaningful Q&A with many of the youth in attendance stepping forward to asking questions on how they can get involved. It was inspiring to see these young people wanting to get involved and take action. There are countless adults who can learn from their example and must start standing up for those who can no longer stand alone.

Stand up and speak up. We can no longer sit quiet and do nothing. Doing something constructive and meaningful is required from all of us if we truly want an inclusive, diverse and unified America.


Event: Challenging Muslim and Immigrant Ban