Faisal Khan spoke at the Democratic Party town hall this evening in Dare County, Outer Banks, addressing the challenges in the party and strategies moving forward. He was also asked to talk about Carolina Peace Center and the work we do.

Carolina Peace Center works to cultivate justice and peace across diverse social and political groups by building grassroots networks to educate and advocate for systemic change.

Mr. Khan covered a number of issues, such as economic injustice, rising poverty, high tuition, stagnation inwages, corporate domination, institutionalized racism, hate and bigotry. He discussed how the party is out of touch with working class and minorities. A new set of strategies and an optical change are needed. It is time for young people to run for office. He also addressed how we need more outreach in rural areas and farming communities.

He also brought attention to the fact that more and more young voters are discouraged with the current state of politics. His recommendation is for communities to focus within and provide tangible support for poor areas; organized groups and learn about their candidates, then educate others; and encourage young people to participate in political activism and civic engagement. He stressed that we need to work together in coalition partnering with groups and organizations that are active.

A great turnout with a lot of meaningful discussion. The work (and struggle) continues.

The Democratic Party & the Future
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