Carolina Peace Center Founder, Faisal Khan


Carolina Peace Center was founded by Faisal R Khan in 2016 after years of advocacy work exposing human rights violations in the US and abroad. Our aim is to alleviate hardship and injustice by collectively advocating on behalf of marginalized individuals. 

In 2017,  Faisal R Khan was invited by US Congressman David Price at a joint session in Washington, DC in recognizing his work for his advocacy for refugee and immigrant families. 

“I am pleased to welcome Faisal to Washington,” said Congressman Price. “I have been honored to work closely with him on behalf of refugee and immigrant families in the Fourth District, and I have long admired his advocacy for tolerance and peace. In the face of the President’s continuing attacks on immigrants and refugees, I am particularly pleased to welcome Faisal Khan, a courageous voice for our national values of acceptance and equality.” 

Carolina Peace Center continues to advocate and stand up in a peaceful and non-violent manner for anyone who is experiencing racism, bigotry, and any form of hate through unjust policies.



The Carolina Peace Center strives to cultivate justice and peace across diverse social and political groups by building grassroots networks to educate and advocate for systemic change.



The Carolina Peace Center seeks to unite secular and faith communities to collaborate with local, state, and national political and community leaders to produce non-biased policies and laws that protect all people in North Carolina and beyond.



The Carolina Peace Center was founded with the purpose of being a community resource through the promotion of lawful non-violent activism and advocacy for marginalized and at-risk communities.