America’s Search for a Covid-19 vaccine is led by Muslims
By Faisal R. Khan
The Covid-19 vaccine breakthroughs at Moderna and Pfizer are one more examples of how immigrants including Muslims have been driving billions of dollars in American innovation and advancement from medicine to technology for decades. Moncef Slaoui, head of Operation Warp Speed, Muslim Moroccan born, Belgium/American immigrant. Ugur Sahin and Oclem Tureci, scientist couple leading vaccine for Pfizer, Muslim Turkish born, German immigrants. Noubar Afeyan, an immigrant from Lebanon, is the co-founder and chairman of Moderna.
This is not about their religion but rather how Muslims and American Muslims of Arab, African, Asian, Latino and Hispanics, and South Asian descent have been vilified, profiled and marginalized by trump and previous administrations for decades but continue to play a huge positive role on many frontiers including coming up with vaccination in the US.
This is my message to all young immigrants, black, white and brown, Muslims, Latinos and Hispanics, Sikhs: Never ever give up on your dream of who and what you want to become. Never let anyone make you feel worth less and weak. You are strong, resilient and capable of achieving anything you put your mind and heart into it. You have to work hard, make sacrifices and in the end you will become victorious. Love yourself and know that you are worthy of love and respect. Always drive your ambitions with empathy and compassion. The world is yours as long you believe in yourself.
America’s search for a COVID-19 vaccine is led by Muslims