Call To Action:
President Trump has nominated one of the most brazenly anti-Muslim and anti-Black nominees in recent memory to the third highest office at the Pentagon — and we need your help to stop him.
Tomorrow, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) will join a committee hearing to determine whether this nominee, Anthony Tata, will become the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy. Military leaders have already been disavowing Tata and GOP senators have been raising concerns. Senator Tillis can help stop this nomination in his committee.
Click here to demand that Senator Tillis vote NO on Anthony Tata’s nomination.
Tata has a jaw-dropping record of bigotry, racial epithets, and hostility toward racial and religious minorities:
He called Islam the “most oppressive violent religion I know of.”
He’s a birther who called President Obama a “terrorist” with “Islamic roots.”
He literally wrote the plan to resegregate a southern school system!
Can you imagine how damaging it would be if Tata were in senior leadership at the Pentagon?
Click here to tell Senator Tillis to vote NO on Tata. Prefer to pick up the phone? You can contact his DC office at (202) 224-6342. If you do, email us back and tell us how it went.
Thank you for taking action!
Scott Simpson
Public Advocacy Director
Muslim Advocates
Call to Action: No more Muslim or Black Hate