Call To Action:
The Biden administration has made clear that their administration is going all-in undoing the horrors of the trump administration’s racist and cruel immigration policies.
But already Senators like Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton are feverishly working to stoke anti-immigrant sentiment for cynical political reasons.
It’s a first sign of the opposition we’ll be up against to not just rebuild but re-imagine America’s cruel immigration system, and the key will be Congress. That’s where you come in.
It is a BIG deal politically that Biden announced reuniting families and overhauling our immigration system as a major priority. It gives hope that Trump’s sadistic attacks on children and families will end. But the incredible pain so many families have suffered is still overwhelming and heartbreaking.
We are fiercely determined to reunite all separated children with their families and forever turn the page on this nightmare.
Restoring our moral standing in the world starts with doing right by those we have wronged and revamping our immigration and asylum system so no family lives in fear of being separated ever again. We have to seize this opportunity to fundamentally reshape our immigration system.
Every single voice of public support can help tip the balance, so we’re asking:
Add your name right now to join Families Belong Together, a project of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Let your representatives in Congress know there is huge public support for not just rebuilding but re-imagining America’s cruel immigration system.
Call to Action: Undue Racial Policies