Call to Action: Congress to End Abusive Conditions of Refugee Children

Please call, write and set up a group meeting with your US Senators and your district US Congressman or Congresswoman. Urge Congress to pass a $4.6 billion emergency funding package includes nearly $3 billion to care for unaccompanied refugee/migrant children.

URGENT Call to Action: 10,773 Children Held

Please read this post in detail and take action by calling and visiting in groups to your congressional leaders and senators. It’s imperative you take peaceful legislative action to ensure safety of migrant children who are being separated from their

URGENT Call to Action: Tennessee Sanctuary City Bill

Tennessee #HB2315 is a mass deportation bill. It would force local law enforcement to comply with ICE. It would violate both the federal and TN constitutions. Please call Governor Haslam of Tennessee to VETO HB2315. He has until May 22 to veto

Call to Action: No Muslim Ban Ever Rally

Carolina Peace Center request urgent peaceful nonviolent participation on April 25 #NoMuslimBanEver Rally outside U.S. Supreme Court in Washington DC. This is a rally to coincide with Supreme Court hearing oral arguments on Trump’s “Muslim Ban 3.0”. This rally is

Call to Action: Duke Energy – Greensboro Tornado

Most of the South East side of Greensboro was severely impacted from the tornado few days ago. Most communities electricity is out due to trees falling on power lines. Certain communities which are predominantly black are dealing with extra burden

Call to Action: Mike Pompeo Confirmation

Please call the U.S. Senate (your Senator) to oppose and block the confirmation of Islamophobe Mike Pompeo to Secretary of State. Immediate request for concerned citizens and activists to forward on to their senators and members of the Senate Committee

URGENT Call to Action: Somali Immigrants Human Rights Abuse

In December of 2017, ICE officials put 92 Somali detainees on a plane back to their home country, in shackles and chained to their seats. The plane mysteriously turned around in Senegal and came back to Miami, and during this

Call to Action: 340B Drug Program HIV Primary Care

Call to Action: Protect and defend the 340B Drug Program. An event organized by Terl Gleason at Golden Corral in Greensboro, North Carolina to make phone calls to local Congressional leaders to oppose any efforts to amend the 340B Drug

URGENT Call to Action: Promote Human Rights for Palestinian Children

Updated Jan. 31, 2018 Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi is turning 17 years old in an Israeli prison today. The ill treatment of Palestinian child detainees by Israeli forces is widespread, systematic, and institutionalized throughout the Israeli military detention system. Take

URGENT Call to Action: Rohingya Genocide in Myanmar

More than 600,000 Muslim Rohingya have fled to Bangladesh since late August, driven out by a military ethnic cleansing operation in Buddhist majority Myanmar’s Rakhine State. The Rohingya Muslims are being subject to genocide and displacement forcing them to flee