Call to Action: Congress to End Abusive Conditions of Refugee Children

Please call, write and set up a group meeting with your US Senators and your district US Congressman or Congresswoman. Urge Congress to pass a $4.6 billion emergency funding package includes nearly $3 billion to care for unaccompanied refugee/migrant children.

EVENT: Families Belong Together

Hundreds gathered to protest the separation of migrant families at the border. RSVP on Facebook. WUNC coverage Carolina Resistance coverage N&O Coverage La Conexion coverage ABC coverage

URGENT Call to Action: 10,773 Children Held

Please read this post in detail and take action by calling and visiting in groups to your congressional leaders and senators. It’s imperative you take peaceful legislative action to ensure safety of migrant children who are being separated from their

BREAKING: Court Denies Trump Admin Request for ACLU Case Dismissal

The Southern District Court of California has denied the Trump Administration’s request to dismiss the ACLU’s class-action lawsuit on behalf of parents and children brutally separated at the border. US District Judge Dana M. Sabraw wrote, “The government actors responsible

Customs and Border Patrol Accused of Severe Abuse

We are deeply troubled with reports of immigrant children being abused by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). The reports show evidence of CBP holding migrant children in excess of the 72-hour maximum period permitted by law, as well as

Living in Sanctuary

Raleigh, NC Beautiful community event yesterday evening to show support for Eliseo Jimnez who took sanctuary 6 months ago at Umstead Park United Church of Christ. Eliseo has also start making bird sanctuaries and they are being sold to raise