Most of the South East side of Greensboro was severely impacted from the tornado few days ago. Most communities electricity is out due to trees falling on power lines. Certain communities which are predominantly black are dealing with extra burden because of lack of resources. In addition, Duke Energy has been slow in restoring their electricity. Their lack of urgency to restore electricity in these communities has been disappointing and disturbing. One neighbor who wants to stay anonymous told one of our team members that Duke Energy told this person that it was not safe for them work there 24 hours. This is unacceptable and racist.

Please call Duke Energy corporate office and demand for an immediate emergency response to these communities in restoring electricity. Ask for 24 hours team to be present in restoring electricity. In addition, please call the Governor’s office to lodge an official complaint about Duke Energy.

The affected areas are as follows:

  • South East part of Greensboro.
  • Claremont Area.
  • From North English to South English.
  • From Benbow Rd. to Phillis Ave.

Call Duke Energy headquarters at 1-704-594-6200. You may have to speak with an operator to reach a member of the corporate team. Ask for the following executive team.

Senior Management Committee
Lynn Good
Dhiaa Jamil
Julie Janson
Marc Manly
Lee Mazzocchi

North Carolina Governor Office Contact:
(919) 814-2000

Call to Action: Duke Energy – Greensboro Tornado