So much can be said about today’s town hall meeting but it will never be enough. A wonderful and energetic town hall event took place today in Raleigh at Pullen Memorial Baptist Church on gun control.

Some great speakers who have been directly affected from previous gun violence to people who work on advocating stricter gun laws spoke passionately about their experiences and suggested common sense ideas to better protect our children from school gun violence. US Congressman David Price and North Carolina Representative Cynthia Ball were among the government officials who spoke about policy and preventive measures that are necessary to protect our children.

The highlight of the event was these young resilient high school speakers that talked about their sincerity and advocacy for better gun laws. Their voice pierced through our hearts that was moving and inspiring. These young children are our future and I have no doubt that this is the generation that is truly going to make America great. A just and peaceful America.

The event was organized by all three in collaboration with Triangle Indivisible TDCA, Carolina Peace Center and Mom’s Demand Action. Great media presence before and throughout the event. I ask all from all political parties and voters to unite and support better gun laws so our children can rise every morning without any fear but with enthusiasm and excitement going to their schools.

Enough Is Enough – Town Hall Against Gun Control