Faisal R. Khan

White men can walk around the state Capitol and in downtown with guns exercising their second amendment rights terrorizing people and no one stops them to question their intentions but a group of peaceful black and multi cultural people who want to exercise their first amendment, fifteenth amendment rights and nineteenth amendment rights by marching to show solidarity to uphold their constitutional right to vote are pepper-sprayed by the police. For those and especially people of Caucasian background who have been living under amnesia need to wake up and accept and acknowledge that this is what institutionalized and structural racism looks like. This is the crux of what we have been fighting against that is entrenched and carefully hidden for hundreds of years in the American fabric. The oppression and suppression of black voice and marginalization, dehumanization and subjugation of black and brown people in the American society who have been systematically enforced and reinforced for centuries here and abroad. The State of North Carolina has a long history of Ku Klux Klan and racist policies against black communities to socially and economically restrict and disparage them and undermine their voices at the ballot box. Let this be a reminder to those who support white supremacy that America is transforming and shifting to a mult-color, multi-ethnic, multicultural and multi-race nation and any injustice committed on the people of diverse background of this republic will not go unpunished. I demand from the attorney general of North Carolina to take necessary steps for a swift justice and hold those men responsible who carelessly and willingly pepper-sprayed on the peaceful men, women and children yesterday in Graham. Our America is inclusive, respectful to all people of all backgrounds, compassionate and caring to people who have struggled for freedom, equality and justice for centuries and out America is a nation that accepts and embraces all people of all races, colors, ethnicities, religions, non religious groups, sexual orientation, genders and rights of people that are enshrined in the US Constitution.
Our America