Chapel Hill, North Carolina

September 18 – A rally for Rohingya Muslims, organized by Carolina Peace Center, took place at the Peace and Justice Center in Chapel Hill. Somber and heartbreaking stories were told by local Rohingya members of the community who escaped Burma’s atrocities. Abdullah and Hison both Rohingya described their emotional experiences living there and the hardship and misery they went through. Hison’s family is still trapped facing horror of ethnic cleansing in Rakhine State, western part of Burma. David, a wonderful local activist welcomed the Rohingya by thanking them for being part of the community. Media coverage was also present.

A good turnout of local community stood holding candlelight vigils showing support for the Rohingya here and in Burma. As the sunlight decreased, the glow from candles increased which symbolically gave hope in the setting light. However, the tragic stories of rape, murder and genocide of Rohingya extinguished the hopes of many who have witnessed such barbarism. Hope is a verb that can only be said to lift spirit in humans but it can not lift the dead. Rohingya have encountered and continue to face monumental challenges of trauma and death in Burma. Over 397,000 Rohingya have fled the ethnic cleansing of Burma to Bangladesh. Their living conditions in these make shift settlements are abysmal. Sanitation is very poor and there aren’t enough medicines or medical treatment for these people. Starvation is prevalent.

With all the verified and confirmed documentation of genocide taking place, our elected officials remain silent and the world sits still allowing the genocide to continue. Muslim brown and black lives are no value to west and to sell out corrupt so called Muslims in the east. We saw that in Bosnia, Rwanda and now again we are seeing before our eyes another genocide taking place. Rohingya are the most persecuted group in the world.

Politicians who remain quiet will not get my vote. People in my circle who have chosen to look away from this horrible calamity are not my friends. If you care then please stand up and speak up for Rohingya. I have no words except this that people who sit and do nothing are equal to the ones who are doing all the killing.


Call to Action: Rally for Rohingya Muslims