Carolina Peace Center held a vigil prayer event today in Cary, North Carolina remembering Nabra and Charleena. The event had amazing women activists who spoke about their personal experiences being Muslim and the challenges they and Muslims in general are facing in the current climate of hate and bigotry.

Powerful and moving speeches remembering Nabra who died earlier this week and was laid to rest few days ago. We also remember Charleena Lyles and her brutal death who was pregnant and was killed in front of her children by the police. It was wonderful to have women voices heard addressing Islamophobia and racism. They also spoke about the importance of communities supporting each other. Muslim contributions to America were highlighted and celebrated. Petitions were also signed by attendees demanding elected officials to hate, Islamophobia and racism. They will be delivered to House and Senate leaders.

We remember Nabra and Charleena and may Allah bless their souls. We must come together and stand up against hate and bigotry. The time is now.

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Remembering Nabra and Charleena