Show Me The Meaning of #Juneteenth
Show me that you support $22 to $24 per hour minimum wage so people don’t have to reside in substandard housing and can actually have healthy meals for themselves and their families, show me that you support a better healthcare system like Medicare for all because people like my friend Ms. James who is black and have serious chronic health complications suffers not only from her illness but also suffers immensely from broken American healthcare system, show me that you care about affordable housing for black and people of all backgrounds by not allowing corporations and real estate monopolies to take over black neighborhoods, show me that you are in support of the end of gerrymandering that is designed to undermine black voices, show me that you seriously support police accountability and transparency because the treatment of black and brown people from the law enforcement state and federal is bias and brutal which is detriment to a just society, show me that black and brown people are treated as equal human beings like white people by you as a white person speaking out, show me that you care with your voice and with your acknowledgement of forced slavery and labor of black people and the centuries of hardship they endured, show me that you are speaking out and voting for better tangible policies that will make people’s lives better as an elected official and as a constituent because if you are not then you are not serious about dismantling the systemic racism in our institutions that are undermining and hindering a better quality life for all black communities across America.
(Photo: Steven Whitsitt)
‘Show me the Meaning of Juneteenth’—Faisal R. Khan