October 2 – A DACA march and rally to support Dreamers took place earlier today in Raleigh, North Carolina. An amazing turnout to show support for immigrants and DACA recipients.

A march started in downtown Raleigh ending at the Halifax mall. I was honored to speak with other wonderful speakers including the DACA recipients who told emotional personal stories. Jasmine and Sindhoor, two undergraduate students organized the event partnering with ACLU, Carolina Peace Center, NC Dreamers and others. Congressman David Price also came to the rally and spoke to a vibrant chanting crowd.

We as citizens of America must stand up and use our constitutional powers to show support to these people by reaching out to our elected officials and make sure that they support the dream act which will pave the way to permanent residency to some 800,000+ children who are under the DACA program. Immigrants are the backbone of this country and they make significant contributions to sciences, arts, innovation and cultural pursuits. Immigrants play a big part in economy growth. Immigrants do not take paychecks or jobs away from average American as Trump administration claims.

Each of us is an immigrant in this country and to close doors to our brothers and sisters is not only un American but inhumane and disgraceful. Stand up and support DACA.

Call to Action: Stand Up for DACA
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