The Rohingya Muslims in Burma need your help now!
Please come join us for this rally to raise awareness and pressure on our elected officials to speak out against this tragedy. Also, meet local Rohingya families. Candlelight vigil and prayer.
There are over 40 Rohingya living in Chapel Hill and Durham area. Let’s make them feel welcome and make sure that they know how much we support them and their families back home. Let’s show North Carolina that hate and persecution of innocent is not welcomed and we as people of humanity stand together against Rohingya genocide.
To learn more about this tragedy watch:
About 5000 people have been killed, with increasing death tolls due to lack of food, medicine.
400,000 Rohingya recently have fled to neighboring Bangladesh, making it a total of 800,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.
About 100,000 are trapped in Jungle without food and shelter inside Burma.
Political Action Items:
Support SA 607 to 2018 NDAA – ‘No Military Aid to Burma’ Because of Genocide of Rohingya Muslims –
Email your federal officials and urge them to speak out against this tragedy! (*This is a big deal, as none of them have yet spoken out about this and have shown a hesistancy to do so)
Aid Action Items:
Donate to Mercy Worldwide Trust
Donate to the UN –…/cerf-allocates-us7-million…
Recent developments:
Rohingya refugees entering Bangladesh now face land mines –…/c0f80239-b9d9-40d6…
UN appeal for aid for 400,000 Rohinya –…/u-n-seeks-massive-help-for…
“Textbook example of ethnic cleaning” –…/24bf290e-8792-41e9…
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People from all ethnicities, color, race, socioeconomic backgrounds, religion and non-religion, sexual orientation and gender identity are encouraged to attend.
In order to insure a peaceful and respectful event we ask all of our attendees to adhere to these strict guidelines:
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• Hateful rhetoric or fear-mongering is completely prohibited.
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