Tennessee #HB2315 is a mass deportation bill. It would force local law enforcement to comply with ICE. It would violate both the federal and TN constitutions.

Please call Governor Haslam of Tennessee to VETO HB2315. He has until May 22 to veto the bill.
Please call: (615) 741-2001 and ask the Governor to veto this unconstitutional bill.

On April 25 House Bill 2315 and companion Senate Bill 2332 passed 64-to-23 in the House of Representatives and 27-to-5 in Senate. If this bill becomes law, it could have serious implications for public safety and future economic opportunities for the state.

Here’s what it does:

  • Prevents cities and counties from enacting sanctuary city policies to protect undocumented immigrants from detention by federal officials
  • Would have allowed residents to file complaints about real or perceived lack of enforcement to the Attorney General’s Office (the final legislation made it a chancery court process)
  • Cuts off state economic and community development money from local communities that enact sanctuary city policies
  • Would have required local law enforcement agencies to sign memorandums of understanding with federal immigration officials and obligated them to enforce federal law (the final bill eventually cut the MOU).

Please make the call and share with your family and friends. We must stand up for our at risk communities and our Constitution.

URGENT Call to Action: Tennessee Sanctuary City Bill