Cary, North Carolina

On August 20, 2017 – the community came together as ONE, united front for a hate-free America that celebrates diversity and binds us under the same banner of humanity in Cary, North Carolina. CPC Founder Faisal R. Khan felt truly blessed to speak among many wonderful speakers.

The event began with a moment of silence to honor Heather Heyer, who was taken much too early by the same hatred that has become all too common in America. A group of inspiring speakers from different backgrounds and perspectives spoke at the event. Each one shared their own stories and offered words of encouragement in the wake of rising hate and fascist white supremacy.

Candles were lit to honor Charlottesville and Maya Angelo’s poem “Still I rise” was read beautifully by a young lady. Then, the entire audience and speakers recited the poem again in a lovely act of solidarity. Flowers were passed out by children as a gesture of hope for everyone that attended. At the end of the event, two cards of condolences were signed by all of the attendees and will be sent to the Mayor of Charlottesville this week.

The show of love and solidarity was humbling. Everyone in attendance was touched by the simplicity of truth and honesty about peace and justice. CPC Founder Faisal R. Khan shared his own sentiments following the event, “It’s time that we all get involved and stay engaged peacefully and never lose hope in the power of people. Many thanks to all the speakers who committed to this event . Special thanks to Mark Stohlman, Mayor of Morrisville, and Jenny Marshall, who came from distance to speak in this event. She is running for US House. Much gratitude to everyone who is part of the organization and who helped with this event. Shoulder to shoulder together. Stand up and speak out.”

Call to Action: Unite for a Hate Free America