Call to Action: What has been done for the Immigrant Community?

Faisal Khan


Please call your reps and senators

President Joe Biden has officially been in office for 100 days. How has the Biden administration helped immigrant communities so far & what still needs to be done? Read below for NILC’s quick analysis. Since Day One, the Biden administration:

  • Repealed the Muslim & African Bans

  • Sent a bold immigration bill to Congress

  • Directed DHS to fortify #DACA

  • Began the process of undoing the “Remain in Mexico” Policy

  • Reinstated DED for Liberians

  • Began the process of undoing #PublicCharge wealth test

  • Ordered agencies to use humane terms for immigrants

  • Signed a #COVIDRelief package into law that provided life-saving relief to millions of mixed-status families

But there is still a lot of work to do. Here’s what we urgently need the Biden administration to take action on:

  • Reunite families separated by the Muslim & African Bans NOW.

Though Trump’s bans were repealed on Day One, thousands remain separated from their loved ones—unable to care for their children or pursue their dreams.

  • #EndTitle42

This Trump-era policy is rooted in anti-Blackness but remains in place. Because of this, immigrants—and in particular Haitian and other Black immigrants—are being expelled to dangerous conditions in their home countries.

  •  Increase the number of refugees who are welcomed here.

Our nation has the resources, vision, responsibility, and a moral obligation to welcome those who have shown the courage to seek refuge here. We’re overdue to restore our nation as a beacon of hope for ALL.

  • Redesignate #TPS for Haiti.

TPS would extend relief to thousands of Haitians currently living in the U.S. Haitians continue to urgently need humanitarian assistance & protection. The Biden administration & Congress have a voter mandate to create a 21st-century immigration system that gives everyone the #FreedomToThrive—starting with a pathway to citizenship for 11 milion immigrants.

Remind Congress: Pass a pathway to citizenship now: SIGN HERE

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