The Carolina Peace Center is a group of community members who aim towards justice for marginalized communities in North Carolina and beyond.

We believe in the use of nonviolent activism (such as building coalitions with other groups in the social justice community and with local civic leaders) and advocacy (lifting up the voices of those in oppressed groups) to promote the deep structural changes that are needed to establish a healthy, safe community for individuals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities, religious backgrounds, ability, economic status, and immigration status.



Carolina Peace Center was founded by Faisal R. Khan with the purpose of promoting lawful non-violent activism and advocacy for marginalized and at-risk communities.


Carolina Peace Center supports and advocates for justice and peace across diverse social and political groups by educating and advocating for systemic change. We hold our lawmakers accountable for their policies on immigrants and refugees, racism, anti-Muslim bigotry, women’s rights, communities of all backgrounds who are at risk, along with other social issues, Carolina Peace Center advocates on their behalf.


We seek to unite secular and faith communities to collaborate with local, state, and national political and community leaders to produce non-biased policies and laws that protect all people in North Carolina and beyond.