Racism in America is Real

Faisal Khan


In the past black brothers and sisters were dragged from their motherland to new white colonies subjected to humiliation and degradation. Public flagging, public lynching, and inhumane brutal animalistic punishment was part of norm to psychology instill slave fearing mentality and control the black population. Not much has changed except the methodology of racist policies and sensitivity to racial issues.

Previous century the black population faced intense cruel sadistic treatment by white men and women inflicting demeaning and immoral emotional and psychological pain with segregation laws from schools, bathrooms, drinking water from a water fountain to riding public transportation. The civil rights movements across the country in twentieth century brought some changes that allowed black men and women to have a voice and gain some level human rights. However, a glimmer of hope and meaningful transformation for African American lives didn’t last for too long as the rise of white supremacist klan terrorism in the South and renewed wave of Jim Crow segregation laws became a new reality to ensure that black communities remain marginalized and isolated from integrating into mainstream America. If that was not enough the systematic institutionalized process of gentrification and economic deprivation in predominant black communities came into play and still is. There was this notion that black population had a huge drug abuse problem the way they were portrayed in advertisements and movies but the reality was and is that statistically the abuse of narcotics and alcohol abuse is higher among the white population. The substance abuse nowadays is known as opioid epidemic.

Coming to present the gap of incarceration between black and brown people was much wider but it’s less now. Black men and women are more frequently pulled over under suspicion by law enforcement and are subject to more violent cruel treatment. There is enough amount of evidence out there to support that. White activists and people of compassion need to visit black neighborhoods such as south side of Chicago or some part of south Miami or neighborhoods in their areas to realize and understand the economic and infrastructure difference between affluent white neighborhoods and impoverished black neighborhoods. Please don’t assume this phenomena a coincidence because it’s not. It’s a systematic institutionalized racism. When black communities started to thrive and grow economically in areas like Tulsa, Oklahoma and Wilmington, North Carolina it was in no time that it became a threat to white racist Americans which led to terrorists activities destroying black businesses and enterprises. No justice was ever served and most Americans are not even aware of it because it’s nowhere to be found in school textbooks.

When are we as a nation and moreover the white Americans going to make the conscientious decision to put their fears and complacency aside and come out strong and courageous to undertake the task of dismantling centuries old culture of racism, white supremacy and inequality in our country? Is there a timeline or time frame just so the young generations don’t have to live under false pretense that we have changed significantly as nation and institutionalized racism is thing of the past. We have have become somewhat better in not tolerating racism and hate and injustices against minorities and undoubtedly there is more awareness about racial related issues. Unfortunately the past is still the present when it comes to improving the living economic conditions of black and brown people and inhumane violent treatment or acts of racism by law enforcement or white racist bystanders.

America has a serious racism problem and it will not go away unless you and I take the responsibility to crush it with our voice, vote and vote for candidates who are speaking out about racism with solutions like life changing policies not just typical narrative to massage peoples’ hearts and emotions. We already have seen that enough and it doesn’t go anywhere. It’s time people speak up and demand justice or else in coming decades we will only continue to see the rise of white supremacist groups spewing hate and anger with guns and hateful policies.

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