The 4th of July

Faisal Khan


The threat to American social and economic stability is not the Black Lives Matter, it’s not the Sharia law, it’s not the Arabs, it’s not the Muslims, it’s not the Hispanic or Latino community, it’s not the LGBT community and it’s the not the women leadership. The real threat to our democracy and unity is white supremacy blended with patriarchy embedded in government and law enforcement and insurgent white supremacist groups across America.

Last night a white supremacist group called Reclaim America marched in Philadelphia with white klan version of masks holding flags to make known of their hateful rhetoric and agenda which is that anyone who doesn’t look like them, speaks them and behaves like them is not welcomed in the America. There are many groups like this who are posing serious danger to our nation. My good friend and wonderful activist Evva was attacked by them while she was recording their march. She was severely bruised and hurt. She is doing fine now and recovering well.

As most of the people celebrate the Independence Day it’s absolutely imperative that people must not only speak out against white supremacy but also resist it with legal means, counter terrorism collaboration with federal agencies and get actively involved at all levels in electoral process and community municipalities. I do believe that a new America is on the horizon but it will require serious dedication and commitment from people like you to be active and engaged.

The 4th is celebrated across this land with colorful fireworks but vast majority refuses to accept and acknowledge the atrocities and crimes committed against native Indians and Black people by the founders of this republic. The past cannot be changed but it must not be forgotten.

On this 4th I implore all Americans to understand that in order to change future we need to teach the past of colonial white supremacy of wars inflicted on indigenous population here and abroad. The lessons must be learned by the privileged class so we don’t have the repeat as we are starting to witness again.

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